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If your school is seeking to improve its students’ skill set in writing and reading, please read on. Many schools are finding themselves in a position where their ELA state standardized scores are low. My presentation will enable your teachers to effectively teach the writing and reading skills their students need to become successful. I have combined a PowerPoint presentation and graphic organizers along with insight I have gained through my experience of teaching students at all levels to enable your teachers to become more effective in the classroom.

Your professional development will be customized to fit your school’s needs. Please contact me if you are interested in improving your students’ writing and reading skills and standardized scores.

In addition, if your school is seeking accreditation from AdvancED, I can assist your school in preparing for your visitation.

Mission Statement: At a time when excellence in teaching is critical to our nation’s future, the classroom teacher must be recognized as the primary instigator and implementer of effective teaching and learning. Teachers are looking for intellectual sustenance, as well as moral support from other dedicated professionals. My goal is to mentor excellence in teaching.

Best Regards,

Dana Davis


Dana Davis combines both her bachelor and master’s degrees with forty-one years of teaching experience to mentor both teachers and students. Ms. Davis has taught English from grade seven through senior level and has taught both highly at-risk students, along with Advanced Placement students. Believing in “Excellence for All” has been the driving force behind her educational philosophy.

As the English and Reading Department chairperson for many years at Irving High School, she has been instrumental in guiding the department and school to academic success. She has worn many “hats” in her high school career including the following: athletic coach, Academic Decathlon coach, grant writer, chairperson for two rounds of accreditation from AdvancEd (SACS/CASI), campus literacy specialist, High Schools That Work Literacy Focus Team Leader, SAT/PSAT/ACT instructor, UIL Literary Criticism coach, student teacher liaison for the University of Dallas, and several tenures on the Campus Improvement Committee. Awards that she has garnered are Irving High School Teacher of the Year; Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers; Nominee, Texas Council of Teachers of English, Language Arts Educator of the Year; Nominee, National Teacher of the Year; Nominee, Texas Excellence Award for Outstanding High School Teachers; Meadows Foundation for Unselfish Community Service, and Irving High School PTA Lifetime Membership.

With the implementation of the STAAR exam by the state of Texas, Irving High School saw its scores drop significantly on the ELA exam, especially the writing portion. After many conversations with classroom teachers and researching the state scores, it is Ms. Davis’ opinion that the low scores, especially in writing, are due to the following factors: (1) most students, especially at-risk students, are weak writers, (2) teaching the writing process is a difficult process, and (3) understanding what the state requires is somewhat of an enigma. Ms. Davis is confident that she can enable teachers to become better instructors of English, particularly in writing, thus improving scores.



As an educational consultant, Ms Davis provides the following services:

  • Mentor AP Language and AP Literature teachers
  • Conduct study sessions for AP Language and AP Literature students
  • Editing for technical writing
  • Assess individual district/school’s STAAR scores and customize a mentorship program to improve scores
  • Mentor ELAR teachers in writing and reading skills
  • Implement a specific writing program
  • Implement the Six Writing Traits
  • Implement writing and literacy across the curriculum
  • Implement best practices
  • Advise schools on accreditation for AdvancED (SACS/CASI)

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"In over 40 years of teaching, Dana Davis has consistently provided a path toward success for all of the students in her school despite their academic struggles or social needs. Working in a predominantly Spanish-speaking community, Dana and the teachers who worked under her leadership have learned to implement strategies and build relationships with English language learners that have enabled these students to experience success in class and on their state assessments. As a consultant, Dana will support teachers as they develop engaging and strategic lessons that will improve student writing while she builds the teachers' leadership capacity. Dana’s approach to teacher support is clear and to the point. As a teacher in her department, she clearly valued my time, and I appreciated her straight-forward discussions. Her extensive experiences, collaborative approach, and sincere respect for teachers make her an outstanding educational consultant."

Carol L. Revelle | Ph.D. Senior Lecturer | University of North Texas, Denton / Past- President, Texas Council of Teachers of English Language Arts

"Her expertise in English Language Arts and an understanding of effective instructional strategies placed her as the indispensable leader of the English department’s efforts to ensure success of 9th-12 graders in state accountability testing. As a result of her leadership and student success, she became the instructional specialist for the entire campus while maintaining leadership of the English department. It is with such knowledge that I eagerly recommend Dana Davis as an educational consultant."

Dr. Carolyn Spain | Director, Master of Arts in Teaching | Dallas Baptist University

"Dana Davis is an amazing educator! She is an encourager by nature - reaching at-risk students through her use of engaging, motivating teaching strategies. Dana has had a stellar career as an English Language Arts teacher demonstrated by the success of her students, especially in writing. I would highly recommend Dana as a consultant to work with teachers and share her wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion for learning."

Dr. Cheryl Jennings | Former Assistant Superintendent for Irving ISD | Curriculum Specialist

"Dana Davis was a successful and highly regarded English Language Arts (ELA) teacher in Irving ISD. As Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning in the district, I often called on her to lead district initiatives to improve ELA instruction -- especially writing instruction. She was also a teacher that embraced new strategies and tools and then would influence those who were slower to adopt innovation. Ms. Davis understands data and knows what to do with it for continuous improvement. Even though she was often called on to help with district initiatives, she was, at heart, always a teacher and stayed in the classroom where she made the biggest impact. However, she was also very helpful in leading other teachers during summer programs for students who were not passing required state tests. Now that she has retired, she is still reaching out to help other teachers to help students succeed on STAAR. I highly recommend her to help your teachers assure that all students improve on the ELA STAAR test."

Marie Morris, Ph.D. | Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning (retired) | Irving ISD


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